The Book

Nowadays, circular economy is a trending topic in the combined field of sustainability and transition. Moving from linear to circular economy is not easy, despite of  the large number of publications, congresses and websites, all over the world.

Undoubtedly, the waste hierarchy is a useful framework for the transition to circular economy, without disruptive technologies but with a lot of innovation in all chains of the material- and product chains.

Against that background, Challenging Changes will connect the main lines of the waste hierarchy with the key elements of a circular economy, using resource and chain management as indispensable tools. The author addresses various target groups: workers in the waste sector but also curious laymen, politicians and other policy makers besides ambitious youngsters and conscious consumers. And all companies that want to fulfill the controversial producer responsibility.

Though the target groups differ, hopefully they will find each other in the belief that sustainable development of waste management and circular economy requires broad support.