Book presentations: 23 and 25-26 Oktober 2017

During the International G.STIC 2017 conference at Brussel (, Ad Lansink presented  his new book Challenging Changes – Connecting Waste Hierarchy and Circular Economy with the closing keynote of the plenary session on October 23th, the first day of the conference. In his presentation Ad Lansink considered the firm relation between the main lines of Challenging Changes and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). The presentation will become available on this site within a few days.

The staff of VITO, the inspiring organizer of the G.STIC Conference, decided to  present a copy of Challenging Changes to each of the participants of the sessions on circular economy. Ad Lansink had to sign almost all books, meanwhile speaking with the people, who were lucky to receive one of the available copies. So he met interested men and women from all over the world, both from rich and less developed countries.

Ad Lansink also visited the exhibition Recycling 2017 in the Evenementenhal in Gorinchem (the Netherlands . During the BRBS-FHG-symposium on Wednesday, oktober 25th (09.30 – 12.30) about the future of circular economy, moderator Simone van Trier interviewed Ad Lansink about Challenging Changes. After the symposium, he met visitors and guests of Recycling 2017, discussing the importance of reduce, reuse and recycling for the transition to circular economy.

Both in Brussel and Gorinchem, many visitors were impressed by Challenging Changes. They appreciated the contents of the new book, but also the nice lay out. Already during the presentation at G.STIC it became clear, that Challenging Changes will inspire old and young people to proceed on the challenging road to circular economyTwo weeks after the publication already 1450 copies of the new book have been delivered.