Ordering your own copy

Ad Lansink, selling his book at WasteCon 2019 in Johannesburg

Be aware of the transition to circular economy. Let also your friends and colleagues recognize your leadership or interest on this challenging transition process. Send us your contact details and the number of copies you want. We will provide you as soon as possible with the book after transferring €25 per copy, excluding shipping costs. In special cases, the shipping costs may be shared.

Send us an e-mail at info@challengingchanges.org. If necessary, we send you additional information about money transfer and shipping costs. During 2019, we pay packaging and shipping costs in the Netherlands. Orders for the Netherlands can be placed directly by transferring €25,00 to NL14 INGB 0008 7068 76 for A G W J Lansink, citing also your delivery address. Paying by PayPal is also possible, via www.challengingchanges.org/payment.

Ad Lansink during the Exhibition at the ISWA World Congress 2018 in Kuala LumpurKuala

Generally spoken, outside the Netherlands, the shipping costs in 2019 (DHL or PostNL) range between €10,00 and €20,00. Because of the importance of sharing knowledge, we also share the shipping costs. So within Europe, books may be ordered for €25 + €5 = €30,00 per copy. Outside Europe, the book prize will amount to €25 + €10 = €34,00. Moreover, students get a €5,00 discount. Orders can be placed directly by transferring €30.00 or €35,00 the above mentioned bank account or by PayPal. Ordering 2, 3 or 4 copies provides benefit. Then the price of each copy is €22,50, while the total shipping costs remain the same. E.g: for ordering in Europe the total costs of  4 copies amount to 4*22,50 + 1*20/2 = €100,00, so €25 for each copy.

For a quick settlement of your order, we advise you to use PayPal or to send an e-mail to adlansink@me.com with your delivery address. Thereafter, you receive an invoice of PayPal. After payment by bank transfer or PayPal, the book will be sent immediately. You also may receive a tracking code.

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