Challenging Changes at 25 Year RDC Environment, Brussel

On November 20th, Ad Lansink contributed to the symposium of RDC Environment at the occasion of the 25th anniversary of this well-known Belgian environmental consultancy. The meeting was held at the Belgian Comic Strip Center, Rue des Sables 20, Brussels. Ad Lansink presented his new book Challenging Changes, a.o. focussing on

  • Closing loops on various levels;
  • Creating financial, social and other values;
  • Developing new technologies;
  • Shared responsibility producers, consumers, governments;
  • Creating broad – also global – support

During the discussion an interesting point arised, namely the question why important transitions as establishing a firm climate policy and changing minds for circular economy do not get broad support in society. Possibly, the answer lies in the acceptance of an appropriate level of risks. An absolute zero level is not achievable.